talk20 beirut |2|

Edition 2: Nov. 14 2008
6:30 pm till 8:30 pm
Architecture lecture hall , Dept. of Arch and Design, AUB


Zeina Maasri (graphic designer/researcher/ ArD faculty)
Abdallah Kahil (architecture historian/ artist)
Fouad Mezher (graphic design student)
Karim Chaya (industrial designer)
Rana Haddad Pierre Hage-Boutros (architects/ArD faculty)
Abboud Saadi (musician /composer)

Elie Abs (architect/ Accent Design Group)
Hatem Imam (graphic designer/comics artist/ ArD faculty)
Johnny Farah (fashion/accessories designer)
Marwan Kaabour (graphic design student)
Pascal Tarabay (architect/designer)

_live music by Mashrou3 Leila

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