- 10 - Nabil Gholam (Principal / nabil gholam architects)

Nabil Gholam (Principal / nabil gholam architects)

It was while studying Architecture at the UP-Paris Villemin, ex-École des Beaux Arts in Paris (D.P.L.G 1986) that Nabil Gholam first turned a hobby – photography – into a professional pursuit. He started a photography studio in Paris in 1980 before moving to New York six years later to complete his studies at Columbia University (MS Hons. Urban Planning). Throughout his career as an architect and planner, his passion for photography and more specifically for its focus on the visible or not so visible have been an intrinsic part of how his work develops.

Since its foundation in 1994, nabil gholam architects (nga) has grown into a multidisciplinary firm with a portfolio that spans a broad range of projects in architecture and urbanism. nga has won numerous international competitions and awards over the years, and its work has been consistently featured in local and international publications. As of 2006, a European branch of nga was established in Barcelona, to later relocate to Seville in 2010, in order to oversee the firm’s international ventures.

Curiosity, creativity, expertise and design excellence continue to be the driving forces behind nga´s multicultural team of designers.

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