- 5 - Public Beirut (Vertical Studio Spring 12 / ArD students)

Public Beirut (Vertical Studio Spring 12 / ArD students)

Public Beirut studio proposed to explore ways by which an enthusiastic point of view over the becoming of Beirut can produce a direct engagement with the urban fabric and its uses, envisioning how the meeting of temporary architecture and public life can alter the seemingly undefeatable privatization of the city. 

Stemming from the assumption that Beirut can still be a city where all can live and share, where all can inhabit and use, the work of the Public Beirut Design Studio taught at the FEA American University of Beirut, by Carole Lévesque, Rana Haddad and Sandra Richani, demonstrates how finding clever negotiations between current urban growth and possible public spaces opens opportunities to engage the city as a found fabric with which to envision other and possible ways of creating a Welcoming city.

The five full scale sites of interventions, developed by groups of students, addressed architectural and urban problematic under new light as the first seeds of sustaining, transformative public appropriation reflecting upon how the city may still be a place of investigation. 

The studio work and outcome of the public event will be presented by two of those students: HalaTawil and Rami Saab

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