- 3 - Hatem Imam and Maya Moumne (Graphic Designers / Studio Safar)

Studio Safar is a Beirut-based design and art direction studio founded by Hatem Imam, Maral Mikirditsian, Maya Moumne, and Ayman Abiad. As team members coming from a variety of disciplines, we work in the kind of dynamic and exploratory environment evoked by the studio's name (Safar being Arabic for travel). Our projects span different media and formats such as publications, visual identities, display and set design, packaging, album artwork, and websites.

The studio's members have been trained both locally and internationally in the visual arts, cultural management, graphic design, product design, marketing, and business development. This acquired knowledge feeds into an integrated studio practice that strives on collaboration and dedication.

As opposed to having a signature style, we are committed to creating singular design approaches to each project. While we draw on a number of artistic influences and inspirations, research remains central to our design process. We work closely with our clients to consider all the directions a project might take.

We work with a network of creative people from a wide array of fields including film, literature, music, fashion, and photography. Members of our team continue to take initiatives in starting a number of projects, such as Annihaya Records, Journal Safar and Samandal comics magazine, which contribute to the Lebanese cultural scene and that have become part of international art and design networks


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